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The best way to sell your home is to illustrate its potential to prospective buyers. Most buyers look for potential in a property; potential to expand, to open up rooms, to bring in more light. But many aren’t able to visualise how to achieve this.

Before marketing your home, we can arrange for our partner firm, Potential etc… to draw up a set of bespoke design schemes in the form of artistic perspective sketches and proposed floor plans to showcase your home’s potential to prospective buyers. These plans can then be used as a marketing tool to enable buyers to invest in the vision for your home rather than just the property as it stands.

Illustrating the potential your property has to prospective buyers can help you attract broader interest, sell faster and maximise the sale price.

Potential etc… offers two services:


Current Floorplans


New Floorplans


Potential etc… will provide proposed sketch floorplans which will illustrate to buyers the flexibility of your property – showing a potential new layout and extension possibilities. These proposed floorplans can be shown to prospective buyers when they view the property and will include an indication of the increased floor area in square metres and square foot.


Existing rear of house


Potential rear perspective showing new glazed extension


Potential etc… will provide a full design study which will communicate to buyers the potential of your property, allowing them to visualise how it could be adapted to suit their needs.

This design study acts as a supplement to the estate agent particulars and will include proposed sketch floorplans, an artistic perspective sketch of any proposed extension, an architectural description of the proposed scheme and a summary of planning, structural and costing implications. It will include an indication of the increased floor area in square metres and square foot.

A 10% discount on the below two packages is available to our clients
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Greg Toon, founter of Potential etc… is Architectural Design Expert for The Sunday Times.

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